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Don’t target 1,000+ prospects with the same video; hyper-target each one with a specific video to highlight what they're looking for.

Send your users personalized reports of their usage, statistics, or even comparisons to average users.

Greet a new customer with a special message, share what they should expect, show them how to use your tools, etc.

Produce videos your clients can customize themselves for social media posts, co-branded content marketing, and much more!

Send personalized videos for the holidays, announce a brand new product, invite attendees to your next conference, etc.

Include an animated .gif in the body of your email to demonstrate a new tool, deliver a message, or just to say "hello!"

Utilize Rival Productions’ team of creatives to produce unique content to deliver your message and engage.

Create mass variations of your videos with Rival Productions’ all-new rendering system.

Have your projects managed from conception through distribution with professional services including branded web pages, video hosting, and more.

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What is Vanquish?

Produce variations of your video for personalized email campaigns, white label content, 1:1 marketing, and so much more! Vanquish uses both spreadsheets and form submissions to create videos based on the data.

What are some ways Vanquish can be used?
Dynamic Advertising
Individual Reports
Onboard customers
White Label Content
Email Campaigns
Personalized .Gifs
...And so much more
Why Vanquish?
Individual Customization
Ease of process
Corporate Grade

Dynamic pieces are rendered individually to ensure the best quality and most engaging video on the market. 

Streamline your marketing efforts with our Professional Services including AWS powered hosting, analytical reporting, organized processes for email campaigns, and more!

Developed with enterprises in mind from data handling to end-user experience you can be confident when trusting Vanquish and Rival Productions with your brand.

Three Pillars of Vanquish
Experience Vanquish for yourself

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