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Our Services

Video Services

We specialize in all things video related. If you can't find what you're looking for, drop us a line! We are certain we can satisfy your needs.

  • Client Testimonials

  • Timelapse

  • Drone

  • Animation

  • Personalized Videos

  • Event Highlights

  • Presentation Coverage

  • Same-Day Edits

  • B-Roll / Raw Footage

  • Consistent Content

  • White Label Content

  • So Much More!

Other Media Services

Not only can we handle your video needs but we are well versed in all things media!

  • Podcasting

  • Voice Overs

  • Music Production 

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Development

  • And More!

Consistent Content

You are growing an audience of loyal followers. Keep them engaged and coming back for more!

4 | 30 Second Videos

1 | 1-Minute Video

Starting at $1800/month
Event Promo

Attract vendors and attendees with a showcase of your event!

1 | 1-Minute Event Highlight

4 | 15-Second Social Media Breakouts

Starting at $2,300
Business Promo

Everything your business needs to boost your online presence!

1 | 3-Minute Business Overview

2 | 1-Minute Sizzles

4 | 15-Second Social Media Breakouts

Starting at $2,500

We customize our offerings to fit your needs

Our Process
The first steps in the process

We meet with you and discuss the best strategy to engage with your audience. We find your story and together decide what is the best package for you. Then we start the pre-production stage, where we plan who we are interviewing as well as when and where it'll take place. This phase is crucial to ensure efficiency and to be cost-effective throughout the process.

Interviews and filming

Once all the scheduling is settled we begin the production phase. Our first day entails all of the interviews covering your story. After we review the interviews we come back at your convenience and shoot the video the interviews will be voicing over, also known as "B-Roll".

Editing and revisions

We take all of the footage back to our editors and craft your promotional films. Our concentration is on producing marketing packages. Not all of the footage we shoot will make it into the main 3-minute promo so we take the deleted scenes and produce more focused 1 minute and 15-second pieces. All of our videos allow for revisions and will be edited to your liking.

Download Our Media Kit
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